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Average Male Marriage Age
Average Female Marriage Age
Average Male Adult Lifespan
Average Female Adult Lifespan

Most Frequent Male First Names
(34)John, (31)William, (30)Thomas, (25)Joseph, (22)Samuel, (17)Benjamin, (16)James, (10)Edward, (10)Daniel
(7)Henry, (7)Richard, (6)Arthur, (5)Josiah, (4)George, (4)Tidal, (4)Moses, (3)Francis, (3)Stephen
(3)Edwin, (3)Paul, (3)Evan, (3)Amos, (3)Frederick, (2)Tobias, (2)Timothy, (2)Alfred, (2)Elijah
(2)Joshua, (2)Walter, (1)Jeremy, (1)Barzilla, (1)Mahershalalhashbaz, (1)Laban, (1)Sheldon, (1)Aholibamah, (1)Percy,
Most Frequent Male Middle Names
(15)(2), (11)Littley, (6)(3), (2)Francis, (2)(1), (2)(4), (2)James, (1)Henry, (1)named
(1)\, (1)Wellesley, (1)or, (1)Litley, (1)Stanislaw, (1)Williams, (1)Finney, (1)William, (1)Phineas
(1)Trevor, (1)Elijah, (1)Frank, (1)Ian, (1)Wilfred, (1)?, (1)Kitson, (1)Alfred, (1)Benjamin
Most Frequent Female First Names
(54)Mary, (31)Sarah, (30)Elizabeth, (20)Ann, (18)Hannah, (10)Anne, (9)Phebe, (7)Martha, (6)Nancy
(6)Jane, (5)Eliza, (4)Esther, (3)Margaret, (3)Lydia, (3)Frances, (2)Grace, (2)Caroline, (2)Rebecca
(2)Rosannah, (2)Matilda, (2)Susannah, (2)Leah, (2)Edith, (2)Anna, (2)Annie, (2)Juliet, (1)Dorothy
(1)Phoebe, (1)Eva, (1)Phillis, (1)Beatrice, (1)Parthena, (1)Faith, (1)Maria, (1)Ester, (1)Arsenath,
Most Frequent Female Middle Names
(10)Ann, (2)Elizabeth, (2)Jane, (2)Sophia, (2)or, (2)Amy, (1)(?), (1)Alice, (1)A.
(1)Maria, (1)Mary, (1)Catharine, (1)Joyce, (1)Bertha, (1)Adelaid, (1)Williams, (1)Perry, (1)Grace

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