Index of part of
the 1861 UK Census


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This transcription is not intended to provide all of the information from the census and will not replace a look at the census itself. What it will do is help locate individuals and families in 1861.

The fields used are:

Family Name
Given Name
PRO Piece Number
Enumeration District
Entry Number / Street (This is generally NOT the number of the house in that street)

The entries are grouped in families of two generations or as individuals. If grandchildren are with grandparents or nephews are with uncles then the census entry has been split into two or more, even though the census shows them all in the same household. Multiple grandchildren in the above case will each have their own, solo, entry. If there are three generations then the children have been listed with the parents and the grandparents are listed on their own.

The census was transcribed as it was written, without any attempt to correct even obvious spelling errors or to update it to a modern spelling. For example, if the enumerator wrote "Rachal" it was not changed to "Rachel", "Acknes" is not "Agnes".

Where the writing was not decipherable the entry has been transcribed as best as possible with a question mark and sometimes a note of whether male or female. There are many entries where a knowledge of the family would probably help with interpretation of the writing. If you recognise an ancestor that is not listed correctly then please send a note and the transcription will be updated.

Unfortunately there are also many family names which cannot be deciphered or are only partly readable. These have also been indicated with a question mark and as much of the name as possible has been entered. Again, if your family is there but not listed accurately please let me know.

No responsibility is accepted for any errors that it may contain or any expense incurred by any person as a result of any such error.

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