1861 Census

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My 1861 census project started many years ago whilst I was browsing the census looking for details of my ancestors. Since I was spending time reading every entry looking for those few elusive ones then why not write them down at the same time? It started with the intention of sorting by surname and printing it out on paper to complement the indices at Sandwell Archives but technology moves on. Through the wonders of SQL, php and various other acronyms here it is at your fingertips.

Because the listing started out purely as a personal aid it naturally covered the districts of my own interests before it was expanded to include all of the areas that it now does. This also means that I am not as familiar with some of the areas transcribed as with others. It is currently being enlarged to include relationships and status using the CD's from Archive CD Books and at the present time it contains over 110,000 individuals in 35,000 family groups.

You can have a look at an introduction, a table showing the area covered, a list of all streets transcribed to date or go straight to the search facility.